Seller Resources

There's a lot to consider when it comes to selling, that's why Sold By Starkey is here to help you. Download our free resources guide, and let us help you through the selling process.


A Leader in the Real Estate Community

Kevin Starkey is very active with the state and local Realtors associations, creating relationships with top agents across the county that transcend brokerages and benefit all Sold By Starkey Clients beyond measure.

Our Step-by-Step Plan

What to expect. As your trusted advisor, I’ll be there to guide you throughout the home selling process to ensure that your experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Why Hire a Listing Agent?


Your Goal is to End the Transaction With the Most Money in Your Pocket Possible, Right?

Sometimes people get hung up on paying a commission without realizing the expertise of a good agent can bring a higher price for their home and save money on repairs etc – making the seller more money in the end.

Less Stress

The things that push sellers over the edge are everyday occurrences for the agent – let the agent minimize your stress.


The Network

A good Listing Agent is connected in the Real Estate community and can do a lot of the legwork of selling your home before showings even begin.

Fewer Days on Market

Doing all the right work BEFORE your home goes on the market, and pricing it correctly the first time, results in a quicker sale and less stress for the seller. A good Listing Agent knows how to get your property ready.


Getting Sued is Scary

Just because you “didn’t know better” doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for handling all the details of your sale correctly. A Realtor will help make sure everything is done above board.

The Buyer Will Most Likely Have an Agent That You’re Expected to Pay

So you’re going to be paying the Buyer’s Agent to work against your favor. If you’re paying for someone else to have a professional in their corner, why wouldn’t you have one too?


Giving Back to Our Communities

With each transaction, a donation is made to a 501c3 non-profit organization by our agent, and matched by Sold By Starkey.

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Work With Us

The Sold by Starkey team knows how to navigate the Triangle area real estate market like no other. We have firsthand, local expertise on how and where to find the best available homes—which may be why our listings only spend an average of nine days on the market, a statistic well below the Triangle average.